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Two analytical papers published: ‘Discussion on Youth Work’ and ‘Challenges for Youth Work’

In preparation for the 3rd European Youth Work Convention and implementing the European Youth Work Agenda, several analytical papers have been commissioned. Two of them have now been published: The European Discussion on Youth Work 2015-2020 by the German Youth Institute and Cornerstone Challenges for European Youth Work and Youth Work in Europe – Making the Connections and Bridging the Gaps by Howard Williamson.

‘Discussion on Youth Work’ gives an overview of the debate on youth work as it has been held in documents published and/or funded by the European Union, Council of Europe and associated organisations. The documents analysed were published between 2015 and mid-2020 and all include ‘youth work’ in their titles.
For the 3rd European Youth Work Convention, the analysis shows the need to think about which topics should be raised at the Convention and with whom youth work should co-operate. It also encourages considering how European and national stakeholders can put the European Youth Work Agenda into implementing youth work development at all levels – without youth work losing its identity and the value it has for young people and society.

‘Challenges for Youth Work’ seeks to capture and delineate the key challenges that continue to face youth work in the 21st century.
In preparation for the development of a European Youth Work Agenda, the paper proposes that attention needs to be given to four key strands of youth work: conceptual challenges, challenges to do with the competence of youth workers, challenges around the credibility of youth work, and challenges of making appropriate connections.
Such challenges need to inform the deliberations of the 3rd European Youth Work Convention and contribute to the shaping of an emergent European Youth Work Agenda.

We highly recommend these two insightful reads! You can find them in the Resources section of the Convention part of this website. Enjoy reading!

Something to look forward to: more analytical papers to complete the picture will be published soon.