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'Growing Youth Work’ – prepare for the 3rd EYWC with this inspirational paper

In preparation for the 3rd European Youth Work Convention and implementing the European Youth Work Agenda, several papers have been commissioned. ‘Growing Youth Work across Europe: Inspirational Paper for Making the European Youth Work Agenda Happen’, an invitation from Bonn by the hosts of the 3rd European Youth Work Convention, is now online.

‘Growing Youth Work’ seeks to serve as a resource for the European Youth Work Agenda. It is intended to inform the content for different elements of the Agenda: the programme of the 3rd European Youth Work Convention, the final declaration of the Convention, and the future national and European processes within the implementation of the Agenda. It is meant to serve as an open invitation to inspire shaping the European Youth Work Agenda and its future implementation process.

To do this, it is structured along eight thematic strands that correspond with the eight aims of the strategic framework for further developing and strengthening youth work policies and practices, and shaping youth work development across Europe, i.e. the EYWA. The paper offers descriptions of each thematic strand, followed by several suggestions for fields of action and initial ideas for measures and activities. However, there is plenty of room for the youth work community of practice to further develop, complement and substantiate these initial and inspirational ideas before, during, and after the 3rd EYWC.

We highly recommend this inspiring read! You can find this and more papers in the Resources section of the Convention part of this website. Enjoy reading!

We will have one more for you: to complete the picture another paper that looks into ‘Youth Work and Corona’ [working title] will be published soon.