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Youth work responding to the coronavirus pandemic

Getting crisis-savvy
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  02:15 PM  •  Workshop room 24

The coronavirus pandemic has severe social impact and especially affects the lives of young people. Which role does youth work have to play to help mitigate emerging challenges? In this workshop ideas for strategies and measures of youth work will be developed, in particular from a European and international perspective.

Massimiliano Mascherini
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Ashley Pitschmann

I completed my B.A. at Franklin University Switzerland and M.A. at the University of Mannheim. I am currently undergoing my second M.A. at Humboldt University focused on social science research methodology.
My journey into youth work research began as Researcher at Youth Policy Labs.  I am a Research Advisor for Amplifying Youth Voice, a transatlantic project that seeks to amplify youth voices in the search for sustainable solutions to gender inequality, climate change and violent extremism.
I have contributed to discourse at Youth and Citizenship in the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean Seminar, in which I was presenter on the future role of youth in political participation.
Presently, as part of Research-based analysis of European youth programmes (RAY), I am a contributor to the collaborative research project on the impact of the Corona Pandemic on Youth Work in Europe. 

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