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Youth work as a constituent part of youth policies in the member States

Creating new spaces
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  11:15 AM  •  Workshop room 5

The situation of youth work across Europe, in the member States of both the Council of Europe and European Union, is as diverse as the conditions are, in which youth work takes place. Even if at European level youth work is seen increasingly as an important element of youth strategies, this perspective is not equally shared in all countries and at all levels. It has to be discussed how youth work can become a constituent element of youth policies at national, regional and local levels.

Thomas Andersson

I´m Thomas Andersson 48 years old and living in a village outside the town of Östersund in northern Sweden. I have been engaged in youth issues since I started as politician in 1995. The first years as the regional chairperson in the Centerparty youth organisation and also as a member of the national board of the same organisation. Between 2001 - 2006 I was elected as the youngest commissioner at the regional Council of Jämtland Härjedalen. During this period I was involved in many different aspects of youth work at local and regional level. I`m now the president of the council of region Jämtland Härjedalen where we are responsible for democracy, inclusion, gender equality and integration. I´m also spokesperson on youth at the congress of the Council of Europe where I deal with the different aspects of youth policy within the work of the congress. I have a long experience and engagement in the question about how to engage young people at local and regional level and decision-making process

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Marti Taru

Marti Taru is a researcher at Tallinn University. Marti Taru has been involved in youth work and youth policy mainly in the role of a researcher. He has carried out a number local/municipal, national and European research projects in the field. His recent works include editing and contributing to “Youth worker education in Europe: Policies, structures, practices” (2020) and “Needles in haystacks. Finding a way forward for cross-sectoral youth policy” (2017). Marti Taru is an elected member of Pool of European Youth Researcher and in this capacity has contributed to a range of projects carried out by the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership. His research areas include youth and employment, youth social exclusion/inclusion, evaluation of public policy interventions, European youth policy, non-formal learning, learning mobility.

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