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Voices of the community of practice

Monday, 7 December 2020  •  09:55 AM  •  Plenary
Jennifer Sieglar
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Tim Schreder
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Adina Marina Șerban

Adina Marina (Calafateanu) Serban, PhD in Political Sciences (Comparative European Youth Policies in Romania and Turkey), with extended expertise in grassroots youth work and youth work methodologies and practices, youth participation methodologies and inclusion policies. MA in Comparative European Social Studies (MACESS) at London Metropolitan University, holding a BA in Political Sciences and one in Social Work – University of Bucharest. She is also the leading figure of CSCD – Center for Sustainable Community Development, Giubega, Romania, being a former Advisory Council on Youth Member 2012-2013. The trainer has extended training experience in working with young people with fewer opportunities, participatory methodologies, community development techniques, nonformal education tools and instruments, social entrepreneurship approaches on youth work, human rights education, intercultural education and education for citizenship. Adina had been also part of TALE – Trainers for Active Learning in Europe and is currently member of the PEYR – Pool of European Youth Researchers, her research interests being related to social policies for young people, structured dialogue and participatory youth structures, youth led movements, as well as into the transfer mechanisms of European policies and programmes to the local realities.

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Dr. Tomi Kiilakoski

Tomi Kiilakoski, PhD, is a leading Senior Researcher in the Finnish Youth Research Network and Adjunct Professor at Tampere University. I have been researching youth work for over ten years. I have been trying to develop practice-based research, which means working closely with youth workers in coming up with questions, finding answers and developing different methodologies. Besides youth work I have studied youth participation, educational policy, cultural philosophy and critical pedagogy. I have authored 10 books in both Finnish and English on youth work, the school as seen by the young, and critical pedagogy. Currently I am studying climate activism of the young and school-based youth work. I engage actively in promoting participation in and the development of youth work and educational policy at the local and state levels in Finland.

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Miriam Teuma

I have been in my role as Chief Executive of Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, Malta's national youth agency since December 2010 and am responsible for implementing and coordinating Malta's national youth policy. I have also been lecturing in the Department for Youth and Community Studies at the University of Malta for the past fifteen years. I have extensive experience at European Union, Council of Europe, Commonwealth and international level on youth related issues and have contributed papers on youth work policy and practice to a number of international studies. In March 2018, I was elected chairperson of the Council of Europe's Steering Committee for Youth for which I served for two years and worked hard to establish the Council of Europe Youth Strategy 2030. I will be taking up this position again in January 2021.   

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Musti Önlen

Educational worker at International Committee, supports associations of people with a migration background, client representative for ethnic-cultural minorities in the Advisory Committee on Youth Assistance and IROJ Limburg, founder of the experimental non-profit organization Homie, a citizens’ initiative that supports young homeless people.

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