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Unfolding the potential of cross-sectoral co-operation

Strengthening the community
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  11:15 AM  •  Workshop room 12

Cross-sectoral co-operation in youth work, between the community of practice and other sectors is a must in view of many other policy areas that impact the lives of young people, such as education, employment, health, social affairs, justice, etc. But what is such co-operation supposed to look like, how can it be established and sustained, and what are the requirements for its functioning and success?

Raluca Diroescu

Raluca’s mission is to create value for individuals, organisations and communities by empowering and connecting them through projects, platforms and partnerships across borders and sectors. She has worked for DG EAC of the European Commission and for the SALTO-YOUTH Participation Resource Centre in Brussels Belgium, where she specialised in EU policies and programmes in the fields of youth, education, training, and entrepreneurship.
Currently based in Paris France, Raluca is the coordinator of Youth@Work, a transnational institutional alliance of Erasmus+ National Agencies aiming to advance youth employability and entrepreneurship by using the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps EU Programmes. She also consults on project development and event facilitation in the areas of youth entrepreneurship, and civic and political participation of young people. The capacity-building, networking and knowledge sharing events that she has organised have positively influenced thousands of NGOs, community-based organisations, public institutions, social enterprises and young people.

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Dr. Dunja Potocnik

Dr. sc. Dunja Potočnik is a sociologist, a Higher Research Associate at the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (at the Centre for Youth and Gender Studies). Her expertise covers quantitative and qualitative research on youth, education, employment, social structure, gender, migrations and information and communication technologies.  She has taken part in more than 30 research and expert projects. Dunja has co-authored five and edited five books, and published over 70 scientific and expert papers. She has been a member of the Pool of the European Youth Researchers, coordinated by the Youth Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe, since 2010.  

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