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Turning societal challenges into common opportunities: societal change and innovation

Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  09:45 AM  •  Workshop room 4

Societies are in a constant process of change. Digitalisation is one of the most recent transformation processes that influences societies and our way of life enormously. Not only since the COVID-19 pandemic, youth work has been affected by these processes, too, is already trying out many things, but still has to find a long-term approach. The panel will discuss social change, societal transformation and innovation in general and will focus on digitalisation in particular. What does it mean for young people, their learning, engagement and empowerment?

Theo Spanos Dunvey

Theo Spanos Dunfey is the President of Global Citizens Circle, an NGO partnering with Southern New Hampshire University and Social Change Initiative in a shared mission to listen, learn and take sustainable actions to create positive social change. Dunfey is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University and Brown University. She has a wealth of global experience, previously overseeing the Office of Citizenship and Civic Engagement at the University of New England, where she also taught courses in International Development, Cultural Anthropology, Race, Class and Gender, and Citizenship. She also led several student groups on Global Citizenship service learning trips. Prior to that, she had led the World Affairs Council of Maine and produced numerous global editorial conferences for The WorldPaper.

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Lars Norqvist

Lars Norqvist, PhD in Educational work, is a senior lecturer in educational leadership at the Centre for Principal Development, Umeå University, Sweden. His research focus on Educational leadership, the digitalisation of education, formal and non-formal education and Youth work.  His main focus is on research, training and supervision in relation to the Swedish Vocational Training Programme for Principals. In addition, he also conducts research within non-formal education and recent developments in relation to Youth work. Lars is currently a member in the European Training Strategy Advisory Group (ETS AG) of the European Commission. He is currently also member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR) where he during 2018 contributed with Analysis of the Digital Transformation of Society and its Impact on Young People’s Lives.

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Veronica Stefan

The topics that Veronica has worked on have addressed the need to increase the knowledge in the youth sector on new media and digital tools, thus, allowing her to take on various positions, such as expert in the Media Literacy Task Force of the North South Center of the CoE, expert on youth, digitalistion and social inclusion for the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership, researcher on youth digital activism for the UNDP or consultant on youth and artificial intelligence for the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. As a dedicated digital advocate, Veronica joins frequently forums on Internet and digital governance and organises multi-stakeholder debates with a view to democratise partipation of all citizens in the new digital world.

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