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Turning societal challenges into common opportunities: equal and just societies

Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  09:45 AM  •  Workshop room 3

Marginalisation, discrimination, social exclusion, and racism are present in many areas of our societies. There is no equality and justice for all; inclusive societies are not yet a reality. The panel will discuss what is needed to overcome social exclusion of young people in Europe and how youth work can contribute to approaching the vision of equal and just societies.

Tea Jarc

Tea Jarc is a president of a Youth Committee at European Trade Union Confederation that gathers 89 national trade union confederations in 38 countries, plus 10 European trade union federations.
At the same time, she is a president of a trade union in Slovenia that represent young unemployed people, young precarious workers, students and high-school students.
She has been engaged in youth work since she joined a scout organisation as a child, her involvement in scouting lead her to be as well involved in local youth council of Ljubljana, after that she became a vice president for international cooperation of National youth council of Slovenia (2010 - 2012) and a president of a National youth council of Slovenia (2012 - 2014). Since 2014 she is working as a trade union activist, fighting for youth rights, workers’ and social rights and is daily active at national and international level.

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Dr. Maria Pisani

Dr. Maria Pisani holds a BA and MA in Youth & Community Studies, and a PhD in Adult Education from the University of Malta. She is a Senior Lecturer based with the Department of Youth & Community Studies, University of Malta. Maria has published in international journals and contributed to a number of edited books, including a  recent co-edited book on youth work with young refugees. Maria is also a practitioner and an activist, and the co-founder and director of Integra Foundation.

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Kamil Goungor

Kamil Goungor, 32, Polish but living in Greece, where he studied journalism. In 2014, together with 5 other disabled youngsters, he co-founded i-living, the Independent Living organisation of Greece, which now he chairs. He works for the European Network on Independent Living - ENIL as development officer (responsible for membership, communication and the youth network coordination -where he was in the board in the past). Also, he represents ENIL Youth Network at the Youth Committee of the European Disability Forum - EDF, being its chair, and he is one of the co-founders of the Initiative for article 12 (InArt12), which advocates for the right of all children to express their views freely in all matters affecting them. He did an inclusive 6-month EVS mobility, participated in numerous youth exchanges and trainings, while being a youth trainer himself. He is also a disabled travel blogger.

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Hande Taner

Hande is a recent graduate in a dual Master’s degree European Affairs, comprising of a year at SciencesPo Paris and a year at the London School of Economics. While from the Netherlands, she is currently based in Paris. Hande is an Executive Committee Member at FEMYSO, the Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations. She is also FEMYSO’s representative in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe, where she works on the portfolios on Ukraine, Russia and EU-CoE Youth Partnership. Hande is recently appointed as the first anti-racism coordinator in the Joint Council on Youth, where she will work on tackling Islamophobia, anti-black racism, anti-semitism and anti-gypsism amongst others. She works in the field of non-profit consultancy.

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