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Strong involvement of the community of practice in the Bonn Process (repeated)

Making it happen
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  03:45 PM  •  Workshop room 3

The Bonn Process needs a systematic and broad engagement of all stakeholders in the youth work community of practice in its implementation and further development. Participants in this workshop will discuss how such an involving approach can be realised and secured at various levels.

Dr. Ewa Krzaklewska

Ewa Krzaklewska is a sociologist and a researcher. She is affiliated to the Sociology Institute at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, where she teaches courses concerning methodology of the social research and data analysis. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the on the topic of entrance to adulthood in Poland. She has many academic publications, on topics such as entrance to adulthood, international mobility, youth issues and migration.
Ewa took part in several research projects, mostly concerning educational and youth issues (such as ESNSurvey). Other studies she participated in concerned e.g. Bologna Process, social economy, or reconciliation of work and family life, ‘Gender and Economic Choice' (for the World Bank). In 2008 she was a member of the High Level Expert Forum on Mobility for the European Commission.

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Andrea Casamenti

Andrea is a member of the Board of the European Youth Forum, the platform of youth organisations and the voice of young people in Europe. His responsibilities include leading the European Youth Forums’ work on Erasmus+, Non-Formal Education and youth work. Among other things, the European Youth Forum advocates for stronger recognition and support for volunteer youth work across Europe. Andrea is also a volunteer youth worker and he worked for several years at the European Confederation of Youth Clubs, a European network of national and regional youth work organisations that aims to support youth clubs and other forms of youth work. Growing up, Andrea was involved in youth organisations and experienced first-hand the benefits of participating in youth work activities.

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Massimo Capano

I started my youth worker careear as street worker. For 15 years I worked for NGOs in youth centers, social services and job orientation centers, always for/with young people. In 2002 I was hired by the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo working to built the the youth policy plan for the city. Here, I'm now the responsible of all the activities at european, national and local level for youth. I'm focus also to promoting and valorize the role of the municipalities to support the youth work as the best approach for youth policy. I work at european level since 2005. I took part in a lot of projects as participants and project leader. My graduation is Phylosofy. I got also masters in social planning and management of public adiministration. I'm working also for the umbrella organization for local authorities to promote quality youth work and I'm one of the founder of NINFEA, YWrs Association.

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