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Resources and good conditions for youth work (repeated)

Growing youth work
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  03:45 PM  •  Workshop room 9

Youth work needs sustainable and secure structures, sufficient financial resources and good framing conditions, which is not the reality in all European countries, regions and local entities. Which strategies, initiatives and support measures could help equip youth work with what it needs at all levels? Who could be strategic partners in this respect? These questions will be discussed during this workshop. New ideas and initiatives including a ‘European developmental goal of funding for youth work‘ will be explored.

Nikos Papakostas

Nikos is a political scientist and one of the founders of Inter Alia. He is passionate about social justice and a keen supporter of collective action and grassroots organising. He has managed civic initiatives, campaigns and projects mainly in the fields of political participation, civic education, youth policy and minority rights. He currently coordinates a pan-European network of 140+ organisations advocating for fair and sustainable EU funding allocation practices in the field of youth. Nikos has headed productions of documentaries, exhibitions and festivals and is co-editor of two cross-disciplinary collective volumes on contemporary European politics and societies. Since 2019, he is an advisor to a multilateral effort by civil society organisations in Greece and North Macedonia to advocate for an effective, bottom-up structure of the Bilateral Youth Cooperation Offices.

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Assoc. Prof. Lasse Siurala

Lasse is a former Director of Youth Services at the City of Helsinki (1995-1999, 2001-2012) and Director of Youth and Sports at the Council of Europe (1999-2001). As Adjunct Professor at the Aalto University, Helsinki and Lecturer of youth work at Tallinn University, he has written articles and publications on youth participation, youth work, youth policy and evaluation.

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