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Recognition and validation of youth work (repeated)

Promoting youth work
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  02:15 PM  •  Workshop room 20

Initiatives for better formal, social and political recognition and validation of youth work and of non-formal learning are manifold, at all levels, European, national and regional. The workshop will provide some insights in recent and current trends and explore which further strategies and measures are still needed to be developed and implemented.

Kristiina Pernits

Kristiina Pernits is active developing Youthpass in SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre since 2010. Having been working in the Estonian National Agency before, she started off supporting the Youthpass implementation on the national level. As part of her engagement in SALTO, she has accompanied the launch and implementation of Youthpass in the various contexts of the Eramus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes, leading to the issuing of 1,000,000 certificates in 2019. She is also challenging herself to apply the non-formal learning principles while teaching the Estonian language to the Estonian children living in Germany.

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Darko Markovic

Darko Markovic, born in Belgrade in 1972, living in Europe. He is a systemic coach, trainer and consultant, owner of Inn.Side – learning and development. In the first 20 years of his consultancy experience, he has been working in more than 30 countries with a large variety of clients, including private companies, international organisations, European institutions, National agencies, SALTO resource centres, governments, entrepreneurs, NGOs, trainers, teachers, coaches, youth workers, etc. Some typical assignments include: organisational transformation, leadership development, team development solutions, training for trainers and mentors. He is engaged in strategic and policy initiatives in the fields of recognition of non-formal learning in Europe. He is author of several handbooks and publications in these areas.

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