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Growing youth work
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  11:15 AM  •  Workshop room 8

In principle, the provision of youth work is open to all young people in their diversity. This includes specific and socially excluded groups or those in vulnerable situations. However, equal and fair access to youth work is often still not granted. Therefore, specific strategies, measures and methods are needed to involve young people facing access barriers. What do succesful inclusive youth work approaches look like and how can synergies be achieved between different stakeholders?

Ahmet Sinoplu

Ahmet Sinoplu is a social/youth worker, activist, fundraiser, expert for urban youth culture and trainer for empowerment & social justice within the diversity-conscious approach. He takes into consideration the expertise of diversity education, anti-discrimination and racism awareness. He founded various associations, is involved in different networks and worked for different foundations to promote international youth work, especially exchange programms between Germany and Turkey. For six years he has beeb head of the non-profit community-grass-root organisation Coach e.V. based in Cologne, Germany. He supports young people and families from mariginalised groups with diffferent programms to achieve equal opportunities and educational/social justice; for example with the Empowerment Academy, which offers modular training and safer spaces for youth, which are affected by racism and discrimination.

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Stefan Manevski
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