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Presentation of the final declaration

Thursday, 10 December 2020  •  02:00 PM  •  Plenary
Judit Lantai

Judit has been involved in activism and youth work for almost 10 years. She was in volunteer and paid positions in youth organisations - prominently in the National Youth Council of Hungary and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - and has been working as a freelance trainer, facilitator and youth worker with a variety of other youth organisations as well. She is now working as Policy Officer at the Youth Forum on topics such as youth work, non-formal education, volunteering, funding for youth organisations and safeguarding civic space.

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Prof. Dr. Howard Williamson

Nationally qualified youth worker, volunteer youth worker since 1960s, professional youth work practitioner for 25 years, trainer and educator in youth work, academic researcher on youth issues (education, training, health, housing and crime), youth policy adviser at levels of governance from local to global (municipalities, Welsh Government, UK, other sivereign nations, EU, Council of Europe, and United Nations). Co-ordinator of Council of Europe youth policy reviews and co-editor of the History of Youth Work in Europe series.

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