new spaces

Networking night

Monday, 7 December 2020  •  07:00 PM  •  Plenary

1. Open Bar
This is a place with two bar hosts - Marisha and Katya. This space is for having a drink together, maybe playling some game or just having conversation about life. Bring your favourite drink or learn some cocktail recipes or play some bar games.

2. Conversations garden

You will meet other people here, then split into smaller groups, pick up some questions from the website: and hold a conversation with other participants of the Convention. There will be several rounds and plenty of questions and topics to talk about. Conversations garden is hosted by Robbie and Hadia. Join in!

3. Networking lounge

You can join the lounge, share more about your organization and cooperations interests with other like minded people. You will have few rounds of networking with different people each time. There will be an opportunity to present your organisation, activities and cooperation ideas. Networking lounge is hosted by Marinela and Gabriel.

4. Youth work fails

We do have lots of successes to tell, but sometimes we fail at our work. Sharing our fails helps to accept them and perhaps see them in a different light. You will also discover that many other people have stories when things did not go as expected. So join the fireplace and prepare your story how you once failed. We are sure it will be a fun session!

5. Game room 'Among Us'

Three Gameboys from Italy: Carmine, Jan and Michele are inviting you to play together an online video game called 'Among Us'. It is somewhat similar to a well known board game called 'The Werewolves'. Interested? Just follow the link below to download the game to your mobile phone and join the game!

6. Surprise yourselves

This space is not pre-planned at all but you can gather here on your own and suggest an activity here. It can be simply a conversation or a game or a dance or any other way you wish to spend this evening together with other people.