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Introduction of the drafting group

Monday, 7 December 2020  •  11:55 AM  •  Plenary
Koen Lambert
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Helderyse Rendall

Helderyse is based in Portugal. Her path in youth work started as a young representative in the student council and later in a national youth organisation, managing projects aimed to promote intercultural dialogue through language and culture in the community of portuguese-speaking countries. She has been working for the past 5 years as a policy officer at the Portuguese National Youth Council, where she coordinates the EU Youth Dialogue and the International affairs portfolio. In this capacity, she has managed several projects at a national and European level, mainly related to youth rights, youth participation and youth policy, and has been engaged in developing and implementing advocacy strategies, at a national and international level, in youth policy/youth work-related topics.

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Judit Lantai

Judit has been involved in activism and youth work for almost 10 years. She was in volunteer and paid positions in youth organisations - prominently in the National Youth Council of Hungary and the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - and has been working as a freelance trainer, facilitator and youth worker with a variety of other youth organisations as well. She is now working as Policy Officer at the Youth Forum on topics such as youth work, non-formal education, volunteering, funding for youth organisations and safeguarding civic space.

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Prof. Dr. Howard Williamson

Nationally qualified youth worker, volunteer youth worker since 1960s, professional youth work practitioner for 25 years, trainer and educator in youth work, academic researcher on youth issues (education, training, health, housing and crime), youth policy adviser at levels of governance from local to global (municipalities, Welsh Government, UK, other sivereign nations, EU, Council of Europe, and United Nations). Co-ordinator of Council of Europe youth policy reviews and co-editor of the History of Youth Work in Europe series.

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Gisèle Evrard Marković

Gisèle started her path in youth work about 25 years ago, coordinating international volunteering programmes. Throughout those years, she had the opportunity to work for the European institutions and for several structures (youth council, INGYOs, the European Youth Forum), which not only supported her knowledge-building, but also her endeavour to constantly look for synergies. As freelance trainer and learning facilitator, she dedicated a big part of her work to competence frameworks and development, and to the facilitation of large-scale events. In 2017, she joined the team of SALTO T&C RC where she deals with the development and the implementation of the European Training Strategy.

In parallel, she keeps on working on her personal and professional development as psychotherapist and to explore the approach to neurocognitive behaviour.

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Ajša Hadzibegovič

Youth work specialist at intersection of policy, education and research distilling learning from educational practice, grassroots youth work and activism as a basis for making policies and programmes work better for the young people at which they are aimed. As peace activist, started with youth work practice in divided and post-conflict context of ex-Yugoslavia. Designed youth work programs and implemented them in critical contexts to empower young people to be agents of change. Participated in shaping youth policies, designed participatory processes for youth engagement, supported youth activism and fought for Human Rights and youth civic participation. Facilitated learning, innovation and collaboration processes with youth and other actors. Always looked for more substantial recognition of youth work and its greater cooperation and synergies with other fields.

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Marko Kovacic

Former youth worker turned academic. Marko co-authored four books, written more than 20 scholarly articles, and acted as a project manager in 15, and as a researcher in additional 20 projects focusing on youth policy/work topics. He is a founder and lecturer at the first academic youth studies program in Croatia, run at the University of Rijeka. Kovacic is a national correspondent for youth for the Youth Partnership between the European Commission and Council of Europe and a Youth Wiki correspondent for Croatia. In the last eight years, he has been engaged in the majority of national and European youth policy processes.

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Jonas Agdur

In 1980, after leaving university, Jonas started as a municipal youth worker in suburban Stockholm. He stayed there for 18 years before moving back to Gothenburg, as responsible for youth work in a nearby municipality. In 2005, he founded KEKS, a network of today over 80 municipalities in Sweden, Finland and Slovenia. After chairing the organization for 13 years he has now taken a step back and acts as senior advisor. To Jonas, young people’s active participation is at the core of quality youth work and essential for its further development.

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