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Integrating the Agenda in the Youth Sector Strategy of the Council of Europe (repeated)

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Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  02:15 PM  •  Workshop room 2

The European Youth Work Agenda needs to be aligned with the overall strategy of the youth sector in the Council of Europe and synergies must be built between both. In the workshop it will be discussed how the Council of Europe can support youth work development within the new European Youth Work Agenda and how use can be made of what the CoE has to offer to implement measures and activities to boost youth work.

Antje Rothemund

Antje Rothemund is the Head of the Youth Department in the Directorate General of Democracy of the Council of Europe. She joined the organisation in 1991 and held several positions amongst them Educational Advisor, Executive Director of the European Youth Budapest, Hungary and Head of the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade, Serbia. Antje is an educationalist specialised in youth work and adult education and - in the framework of the pan European training programmes for youth work and the intergovernmental co-operation with the 50 signatory parties to the European Cultural Convention - she has worked on the development and delivery of educational concepts and resources in non-formal educational settings and on the quality development of youth work and youth policies in Europe. Antje was the Secretary to the drafting group of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers recommendation on youth work and to its High-level task force on youth work. Before joining the Council of Europe, Antje has been active in the non-governmental sector on local, national and European levels. Her professional career started in the early 80s as youth worker at municipal youth centres in the City of Munich, Germany.

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Seija Astala

Seija Astala is Senior Ministerial Adviser at the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. She is currently working on questions related to education and training for youth workers, the youth work centres of expertise, the national youth centers and youth research. She was a member of the drafting group of the youth act and the national youth work and youth policy programme.
Seija Astala has a long experience of European and international co-operation in the youth field as a representative of Finland in the Council of Europe and the European Union structures, such as European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ), the EU Council Youth Working Party (YWP), Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps programme committees. She was a member of the drafting group of the Council of Europe Recommendation on youth work and the Ad-hoc high level task force on youth work.

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