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Increasing research and knowledge of youth work (repeated)

Strengthening the community
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  03:45 PM  •  Workshop room 12

The need for evidence-based youth policy and youth work practice is largely acknowledged, but knowledge of youth work and youth work research still remains expandable. Which ideas and concepts exist for an enhanced exchange between policy, practice and research, for a research agenda on the youth work sector, and which forms of networking are needed?

Dr. Tomi Kiilakoski

Tomi Kiilakoski, PhD, is a leading Senior Researcher in the Finnish Youth Research Network and Adjunct Professor at Tampere University. I have been researching youth work for over ten years. I have been trying to develop practice-based research, which means working closely with youth workers in coming up with questions, finding answers and developing different methodologies. Besides youth work I have studied youth participation, educational policy, cultural philosophy and critical pedagogy. I have authored 10 books in both Finnish and English on youth work, the school as seen by the young, and critical pedagogy. Currently I am studying climate activism of the young and school-based youth work. I engage actively in promoting participation in and the development of youth work and educational policy at the local and state levels in Finland.

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Andreas Rosellen

Andreas works for transfer e.V. an independent provider of youth work based in Cologne, Germany. The aim of the NGO is to advise, connect and qualify institutions, professionals and volunteers who work with children and young people. The thematic focus covers the areas of health promotion, diversity, social inclusion, learning mobility, personal development, empowerment and active citizenship. He coordinates the network “Research and Practice in Dialogue in International Youth Work (RPD) which operates at the intersection between academia and practice. For 15 years he has gained experiences in different fields of youth work. He has worked in youth centers, as a trainer for volunteers and in educational services. He has studied social work and social sciences.

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