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Further developing smart youth work

Getting crisis-savvy
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  11:15 AM  •  Workshop room 23

The need for the youth work sector to develop its capabilities and adapt digital and technological innovations has been discussed before the current crises. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the trend towards an increase of 'smart youth work‘. Many questions, however, remain, such as of financial resources, infrastructure needed, and quality of digital youth work, including the competences of youth workers to deal with digital and new technologies.

Daisy Kidd

Daisy Kidd co-ordinates the youth initiative at Tactical Tech, where she's been since 2017. Here she finds ways to make the often complex and mysterious world behind our screens tangible and real for digital citizens so that they can be more in control of their digital lives. She does this through developing and facilitating youth workshops and discussions, and through creating playful educational resources such as the Data Detox x Youth. Daisy also writes about the issues that young people face in their digital environment such as monitoring and evaluation in schools, the addictive design of digital technologies or screen time.  

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Anne Kivimäe
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