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Framing and strengthening quality youth work

Collaborating for high quality
Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  11:15 AM  •  Workshop room 13

The quality of youth work is essential to achieve two objectives: to attract young people with youth work offers and to legitimise the public to support and recognise youth work and its providers. Hence, the development of a European system for quality assurance in youth work as a framework for quality youth work offers an opportunity to go a step beyond the current status quo. It should be discussed how such quality systems or frameworks can be further developed, based on existing principles and practices.

Frederike Hofmann-van de Poll

My area of research is that of European youth policy and youth work and its fluent connections to national, regional and local youth policy and youth work. I am interested in questions concerning conditions and potentials for youth policy and youth work influencing their efforts to create chances and opportunities for young people. This concerns for example questions of youth participation (e.g. how young people's opinions influence policy, or selectivity mechanisms in youth participation), questions of youth policy cooperation (e.g. multi-level and cross-sectoral cooperation) and questions regarding the further development of qualitative youth work (e.g. through monitoring and evaluation). A current strand of research, which I will be discussing at the EYWC market place, is the implicit and explicit images of young people that can be found in European youth work documents.

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