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European implementation instruments

Wednesday, 9 December 2020  •  02:15 PM  •  Plenary

Three European instruments will be presented in this session: the European Youth Foundation as well as Erasmus+ Youth in Action and the European Solidarity Corps. The session provides insights into the opportunities of all instruments, including the new generation of the EU youth programmes which will be launched in 2021. What do the three instruments have to offer to boost youth work development and how can they contribute to the European Youth Work Agenda? (recorded)

Silvia Calbi
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Violeta Birzniece
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Marco Leidekker

I am Head of European Youth Foundation since March 2020. A lawyer by training, I have been working for the Council of Europe since 2005, in the areas of torture prevention and the protection of national minorities. I also spend a few years in Albania as head of the Council's office in Tirana. Before being recruited by the Council of Europe, I worked for the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, predominantly in the area of forensic psychiatry, and was from there seconded to the European Commission to work on the detection of synthetic drugs and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 2004 European Union Presidency.

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Matthew Foster

I joined the European Youth Foundation earlier this year, having worked in the youth and education sectors in the UK for 5 years, both at local and national levels. My particular areas of focus in my career to date have been the effective management of volunteers and working to promote social mobility. Outside of my professional capacity I remain an active volunteer in the youth sector.

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