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Current needs and prospects from different stakeholders of the community of practice

Monday, 7 December 2020  •  03:00 PM  •  Plenary
Ivan Hromada

Ivan Hromada is currently chairing two statutory bodies of the Council of Europe in the field of youth: the European Steering Committee for Youth and the Joint Council on Youth. Ivan has a Master Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and holds a PhD in International Relations. He also studied international sports law in Madrid. Ivan was the director of the Youth Department at the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. His previous executive experience has included serving as Director-General at the Ministry of Education, where he was responsible for European affairs. Afterwards Ivan spent more than 10 years working in Brussels for the Permanent Representation of Slovakia to the EU on topics related to education and youth. He was a member of the Youth Working Party in 2006-2017. In 2016, during the first Slovak EU Presidency, he chaired the Education Committee. In 2017, he became a member of the CDEJ representing Slovakia, where he was firstly elected its Vice-Chair (2018) and later as its Chair.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ozgehan Senyuva

Started youth work as part of long term student exchanges and workcamps; trainer/project coordinator of numerous trainings, exchanges and mobility projects; former vice president of Youth Express Network. Steering Group member of European Platform on Learning Mobility; Advisory group of European Academy on Youth Work and German Turkish Youth Bridge. Footbalista.

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Andrea Ugrinoska

Elected Chairperson for the mandate 20/21, facilitating a group of 30 youth activists and representatives of NGOs towards the Council of Europe's co-managed Youth Department. We pride ourselves on one of the most advanced models for youth participation.

I am Andrea, originally from North Macedonia but currently living in London. I am the single product of the fruits that youth work can offer. Growing up, I really struggled through the education system to find my nische. I knew what I was passionate about, but I could not find the space to grow by doing what I love. As I stumbled upon youth organisations, i realised that I am not alone. We live a phenomenon of youth desorientation, that only youth work can put back on track. And so, thanks to it, I firstly joined a student movement, then jumped to the National Youth Councils, to finally arrive where I am today - one of the highest elected offices in the youth sector - I could not be more grateful for my journey which was largely faciliated by youth work.

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Anutosha Lundgren

I work at the Youth center, Arena Satelliten in the municipality of Sollentuna, north of Stockholm, Sweden.  I have been a youth worker for 30 years and  I am currently responsible for the activiities at the center. You can visit us at:

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