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The 3rd European Youth Work Convention plays the key role in establishing the European Youth Work Agenda as a strategic framework for further developing and strengthening youth work practice and policies in Europe. To do this, the 3rd EYWC serves as the kick-off event for implementing the European Youth Work Agenda by

  • looking at the current challenges and needs of youth work in Europe,
  • discussing the framework conditions of quality youth work in Europe,
  • providing information about the European Youth Work Agenda,
  • shaping the content of the EYWA,
  • developing recommendations for the implementation of the EYWA in the coming years,
  • creating ideas for activities within the implementation of the EYWA,
  • launching national processes and measures,
  • enabling and exploiting synergies between all stakeholders and levels involved
  • and creating commitment, ownership and co-operation.

If you are interested in finding out more about the European Youth Work Agenda, we have a whole section of this website dedicated to it.

The Convention also provides a central platform for discussing the latest developments in youth work practice and youth policy. Its general objectives are to

  • link youth work practice and youth policy,
  • work together to further develop youth work practice,
  • enhance the visibility of youth work and its value,
  • facilitate discussions on specific topics,
  • acquire new insights and transfer knowledge
  • and promote common ground and joint action within the community of practice.