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3rd EYWC and coronavirus

We are keeping an eye on how the coronavirus pandemic might affect the 3rd European Youth Work Convention.

(Status: 18.08.2020) Due to current developments around the coronavirus pandemic, the 3rd European Youth Work Convention will be moved into the digital space. The unclear situation in the fight against the pandemic and the resulting changed circumstances in the field of youth work wouldn’t have allowed the 3rd EYWC to take place in its planned form – with its special character, with encounter and direct exchange.

In the originally planned period from 7 to 10 December 2020, we now want to offer innovative and creative formats of virtual exchange and working together to achieve the objectives of the 3rd EYWC whose purpose still stands strong. What this can look like, we will work out in the next weeks and months.

Many developments depend on this decision. We will therefore continue to regularly update this website and communicate on our social media channels.

(Status: 10.06.2020) The consequences of the cornavirus pandemic already extend into the second half of the year. We are discussing what this development might mean for the execution of the 3rd EYWC as we have planned it. As soon as there are news, we will inform you on our channels.