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Community of practice

Up to 1.000 representatives from youth work practice, youth policy and youth research participated in the 3rd European Youth Work Convention (EYWC). The National Youth Councils and National Agencies for the EU programmes Erasmus+ Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps were part of these representatives as well. Thus, stakeholders from the entire field of youth work (the youth work community of practice) came together.

A special feature of the 3rd EYWC was the unique chance of strengthening and shaping the field of youth work in both the EU and the Council of Europe in a sustainable way across Europe. Delegations from up to 50 countries were present at the event – a reflection of making the most of this opportunity for co-operation between both institutions.

The delegations of participants from each country were selected at national level. Special attention was paid to their role as multipliers regarding the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda (EYWA) beyond the end of the Convention in the Bonn Process and to their personal motivation.

With their common interest to collaborate over an extended period, sharing ideas and strategies, determining solutions and building innovations, the youth work community of practice incorporates all kinds of youth work and all kinds of youth workers to further develop youth work within their respective areas of competence, mandates, roles and capacities. It includes: youth workers and youth leaders, youth work managers, project carriers, accredited and independent youth work organisations, trainers, researchers, educators of youth workers, local communities and municipalities, National Agencies for Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps, youth representations, young people, and policy-makers for youth at all levels of governance.