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European Youth Work Agenda

A strategic framework for youth work development

The European Youth Work Agenda (EYWA) is intended to boost youth work. Established as a strategic framework, it is meant to strengthen and further develop youth work policies and practices in Europe. The German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth has taken on the task of establishing the EYWA. The task comes from the European Union and the Council of Europe. And the whole youth work community of practice in Europe is invited and encouraged to help shape and take action for youth work development within this common framework. In this respect, an important feature of the Agenda is the co-ordinated approach of stakeholders at different levels and in different areas of youth work.

In this section, the youth work community of practice in Europe is taken on the journey towards establishing the European Youth Work Agenda. It will be put into context, and you will learn what it is envisaged to look like, what its objectives, benefits, and impact are intended to be, and who is planned to be involved. You will also find out more about developments in youth work to get you in tune with the spirit of the EYWA.

How the European Youth Work Agenda can help address the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic for youth work in Europe is a ubiquitous example of such developments. The effects caused by the outbreak and global spread of the coronavirus pose unprecedented challenges for the youth work sector and for further developing youth work in Europe. Initiatives for getting an overview of the impact of the pandemic on youth work are underway. The 3rd European Youth Work Convention will be a crucial moment for discussing the assessment of the challenges faced by the youth work sector among its community of practice and how to address them. In its capacity as a strategic framework, the European Youth Work Agenda can help bring the debate to political attention.